Friday, January 12, 2007


Blogger bozette said...

OMG hehehehe

8:22 AM PST  
Blogger Cinderella said...

LOL!! That was cute..=P

1:38 PM PST  
Blogger Violet said...

Awwww.... There's something about this that just ain't right....

10:54 AM PST  
Blogger The Phoenix said...


9:07 AM PST  
Blogger Design Goddess said...

ok...took me a sec to get it since I really didn't look at the pic closely.

Eeeeew! [but I'd expect nothing less from you! :)]

3:55 PM PST  
Blogger Spinning Girl said...

Oh that is fabu.

7:22 PM PST  
Blogger Mr Shife said...

In honor of the greatest show on earth, "Arrested Development,"
I just blue myself.

8:33 PM PST  
Blogger DaMasta said...

What does a tupperware container and a walrus have in common?

They're both looking for a tight seal!

Ahahaa.. you made me do it..

1:37 PM PST  
Blogger Gareth said...

LMFAOOOOO very good :)

3:13 PM PST  
Blogger Phats said...

Thanks for listening

8:53 PM PST  
Blogger MadMeer said...

ewe. Heheh.

9:48 PM PST  
Blogger jamwall said...

that's true, its not just ice cream. i remember the time that happened to me.

3:57 AM PST  
Blogger T. Leach said...

I don't get it.

6:22 AM PST  

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