Thursday, August 18, 2005

Reality TV Gone Wild

I need MILF stilettos to walk in this shit!

1)Fear factor: I didn't win the $50k, but at least I know if I am down on my luck, the roaches in my apartment are edible.
2)I learned that "baby talk" works, thanks to Trista Sutter.
3)Combovers rock, I'll lay on his couch for a couple a million.
4)You can still have an affair with your co-worker and get away with it cause it means higher ratings and more money (Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell) Bloody dreadful.
5)What ever happened to Jenny Jones?
6)This episode of cops was filmed in Jinx the Wondecats' neighborhood. All suspects are shot dead in the court of Inglewood.
7)Supermarket Sweep. What the hell is this? They make it fun to buy bengay and Northern.
8)Did the Two Fat Cooking Ladies lose out to Anna Nicole for the TrimSpa endorsement?
9)You may be the Worlds First Super Model, but it sure as hell don't take the Trailer out of the Trash! And is there really a last name Pigford?
10)Bobby Flay can flip my loins any day! That boy can meet my grill anytime.

There. I feel better getting this off my chest. Special madprops go out to my buddy E-go for contributing.

We are now going to go revel in the beauty of Steven from Laguna Beach.


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