Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Beverly Hills Blows.

Be careful what you wish for. Last night I get a call from my friend Eric, he and some friend from the East Bay were in Beverly Hills having dinner and drinks at Mr. Chow. Of course, I showed up. Mr. Chow is a trendy, expensive restaurant in the center of Bev Hills. Everyone was so pretty, and trendy, and fake. These two dumb wanna-be bitches were outside with us smoking were trying to get friendly with us. I was not having it. Dumb Blonde: I am having so much fun here! Dumb Brunette: Do you come here often? Me: Hell, no. They dragged me out of Long Beach to come here. This place blows. They gasp in unison. And they take their trendy, size 0 bodies back in the restaurant. They both had bad hair, for being so "riche". I am broke, but damn, I have nice hair! So anyway, Eric was bombed by the time I got there.


Blogger A Non Moron said...

Coffee grounds. It goes with the folds joke. Remember- you smell of coffee grounds? Remember that?

3:45 PM PDT  
Blogger LBseahag said...

I remember!!!!

I think of you when I see a pretty white horse ;)

7:45 PM PDT  

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